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7oz Fresh Mahi Mahi Wild Caught

SKU: Weight: 0.4375

7oz Fresh Mahi Mahi Wild Caught

SKU: Weight: 0.4375

Product Details

Other Names: Dorado, Dolphin fish

Range & Habitat: Warm salt waters worldwide

Identification & Biology: Bright and colorful, this fish ranges in weight from 3 to 45 lbs.

Market Description: The firm-textured, dark meat of mahi-mahi turns white and opaque when cooked. It is a moderately fatty fish with a strong, pleasant flavor. The skin is tough and usually removed before cooking.

Habitat: Tropical & subtropical waters around the world

Flavor Profile: firm texture, moist flake, sweet flavor

Yield: 72%

Fishing Technique: Hook & line, long line

Special Note: Its Spanish name means "Golden Maverick"

Suitable Sub: Amberjack

Sold as: Steaks, fillets, whole (less common)

Buying tips: Steaks and fillets should glisten and be of a bright, uniform color. Avoid those with streaky flesh that has taken on a brownish cast--these signs indicate that the fish has been sitting in the market a little too long.

Ask your fishmonger to remove the skin, which is thick and not particularly savory.

Substitutes: Swordfish, mako shark

Recommended Preparation: The firm steaks and fillets broil, grill, and pan-sear very nicely. They can also be cubed and added to soups and stews.

A strong- but not particularly full-flavored fish, mahi-mahi benefits from bold spices and vibrant sauces.