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16/20 Wild Caught Red Argentine Shrimp 2lbs.

SKU: Weight: 2.0

16/20 Wild Caught Red Argentine Shrimp 2lbs.

SKU: Weight: 2.0

Product Details

The shrimp cocktail dates from the 1890s. A combination of oysters (wildly popular at the time) and a tomato-based sauce (spiced up with horseradish, Tabasco and cayenne) was served in tiny cups. In the 1920s, these shrimp appetizers were served in cocktail glasses, originally meant to hold alcoholic beverages – an innovative way to use this stemware during Prohibition.

These 16/20 Uncooked Argentine Red Shrimp are very tender, sweet and full of flavor! 

Our best selling shrimp, Argentine Red Shrimp! They are deep water shrimp wild caught in the Western South Atlantic area. These red shrimp are a jumbo size, cleaned, deveined & peeled with tail on. They are size 16/20 (approximately 16-20 shrimp per pound). Order some now!

These shrimp cook very fast, usually half the cooking time of regular shrimp. Do not over cook. Many Chefs claim that this shrimp when available is sweeter than lobster. Wild caught from the deep waters of the south Atlantic.

  • Uncooked, deveined, peeled & cleaned. Tail on.
  • Bagged and individually quick frozen. Frozen shelf life: 3-4 months


Product Attributes 

  • Participating in a Fisheries Improvement Project 
  • No phosphates or any other moisture enhancements added 
  • Three sizes: 16–20 and 21–25, peeled, deveined, tail-on (PDTO), and 26–30, peeled, deveined, tailless (PDTL) 

Wild-caught • Available year-round • Ice-glazed to protect the flesh • Individually quick-frozen, raw

1 - 2lb Package 16/20 Wild Caught Argentine Red Shrimp $34.99