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16oz 1855 Dry Aged Cowboy Rib Eye Steak

SKU: 014678235374 Weight: 1.0

16oz 1855 Dry Aged Cowboy Rib Eye Steak

SKU: 014678235374 Weight: 1.0

Product Details

1855 Black Angus Dry Aged 16oz Cowboy Rib Eye Steak. 

Thickly cut and very tender this is tops among serious steak lovers who savor the juiciness and intense dry-aged beef flavor of this special bone-in cut. And the marbled texture will give your steak knife an easy time of carving into utter deliciousness. These beauties are dry aged for 40 plus days for perfection. A true steak lovers cut.

1855 - Truly Premium Black Angus Beef!

Great Beef Begins with Great Cattle
Since our beginning in year of 1855, we continually start with the very best stock. 1855 beef is exclusively Domestic Black Angus, renowned for superior marbling, tenderness and taste. Less then 10% of cattle meet our selection criteria. All 1855 cattle are grain-fed and aged a minimum of 21 days, producing flavorful beef that consumers recognize and prefer.
Consistently High Quality, Time after Time
When you choose 1855 Black Angus Beef, you’re getting product that has been carefully selected to meet uncompromising standards. It’s a tradition we’ve followed for more than 150 years. 1855 beef is USDA Certified to ensure that all of our stringent specifications are upheld. To serve your customers the best beef available, insist on 1855 Black Angus.
Our Commitment to Serving You
1855 Black Angus Beef is harvested and processed under the most exacting standards of product selection, quality and food safety.
USDA Certified Program
USDA Prime and Upper Two-Thirds Choice– hand selected for highest quality.

Angus breed marbles naturally and produces rich beef flavor.
If we don't have your 1855 favorite cuts in stock, simply let us know what you need and we will have it in less than 48 hours.

Rib steak/rib eye: If the rib eye came from a sheep, it would be a lamb chop. (A very big lamb chop.) Which is to say a tender, juicy, super-well marbled steak with rib bone still attached (which the Good Lord meant for you to pick up and gnaw). Rib steaks are cut from the upper ribcage. Some butchers sell them as “cowboy steaks”—thick-cut rib steaks with massive bones that tip the scale at a belt-loosening 2 pounds or more. Remove the bone (save it for smoking) and you get a more manageably sized steak called a rib eye. Look for streaky fat distribution throughout, and avoid steaks that have a large lump of fat between the cap and the eye. Tip: To ensure a perfect char on the outside and a reddish-pink interior, start searing this big hunk o’ meat—or any steak that’s more than 1-1/2 inches thick—over high direct heat, then finish cooking over medium or using indirect heat.

1 - 16oz Dry Aged Black Angus Cowboy Rib Eye Steak.